Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Grab Bag

Did you get that? See how smooth I am? I changed the name from “Randomness” to “Grab Bag” to throw you off the track that I don’t have a thing to write about. Yeah, yeah, I’ll be getting to Rock of Love, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. So I decided to do another scatterbrained post today just because I’m feeling a little scatterbrained.

  1. A photo tag from last week. 4th photo from the 4th folder. Yeah… See I used to look like this. Aaaand, now I don’t. That’s all. I’ve got a book tag to do too, but the person who tagged me hasn’t done her book post yet, so I’m waiting. Patiently. Diane.

  2. My favorite radio show is one from 92.3 out of Winston-Salem, NC. The show is called 2 Guys Named Chris, and they are hilarious! It’s … wait for it … two guys named Chris, plus a woman named Deidre, and a guy named Weather Dave. They have the best chemistry with each other, and they make me laugh my booty off. So this morning Deidre was telling a story about how she started to give herself her monthly breast exam last week and for some reason she decided to start with her bra on. She found a small hard lump and started to get worried. She took off her bra to check it out closer and …duh, duh, duh… an M&M fell on the floor. I was laughing so hard I almost couldn’t see to drive.

  3. I have seen Brendan Fraser on, like, every talk show the last couple of weeks promoting Inkheart. He is a very strange man. Just sayin’. I’m sure he’s lovely and probably a good guy, but dude is weird! And, that’s coming from me, The Gifted One.

  4. One word: Superbowl. Three words: Do not want. Two more words: PUPPY BOWL!!!!

  5. Why do the meteorologists come on during the commercials and say things like this: We’re looking at freezing temperatures and moisture coming into the area. Will we get ice? Well, no, we won’t be because it’s going to be about 50 degrees tomorrow, so be quiet Mr. Weather Man. Speaking of weathermen, one of the meteorologists here in Charlotte used to be the Tidy Bowl Man! Heh!

  6. One of the guys in our warehouse at work found this BUG!! You know I had to go and investigate it. It’s about 2 ½ inches long and about an inch wide. It’s got a hard shell that’s kind of beige with brown dots. AND IT HAS HORNS!!! It’s crazy looking! I wanted to take a picture of it, but we have very strict rules about cameras in our warehouse because of confidential client, you know, stuff, so I couldn’t take one. I was talking to this girl I work with and I told her it looked like the kind of bug that would be kind of dumb and talk funny if it was in a cartoon. All of a sudden we both looked at each other and said, “Bug’s Life”! It looked like a real-life version of Dim the Rhino Beetle.
  7. And, just 'cause I think it's funny, here's a video of Ellen's writers playing a game called Broom. Sorry you can't see Diane.


Diane said...

"I used to look like this. Aaaand now I don't." Cracked me up! God, don't we all have photos like that? Well, not in tights and a top hat, but you know what I mean. Anyway, sigh.

And I forgot about the book meme. Just do yours. Lord knows when I'll get around to it.

Diane said...

OK, so maybe you don't have a top hat in that picture... I thought you did... but you have a tail sort of thing... so my comment still counts.

Protege said...

Oh my, oh my Mel! You look like a beauty queen, or a model! And those legs. I am speechless.
I bet you STILL look that way. Gorgeous, inside-out.;)
And again, please let your hair grow, you have my dream hair.;))
So glad you posted that photograph and played along; was it my tag you used?
By the way, I think I recognize a bit that bug you talk about, however the one I know is brown without any dots.;) I hate bugs.

Anonymous said...

I think that's the hardest part about those pics is knowing we don't look like that. For a second we think we're cool because we DID and then we realize we're not because now we DON'T.

And Ellen's games are ridiculous. I love how she cracks up when they're played.

Heather said...

Wow! Look at those legs! I'm jealous! And like Diane, I can't see the video either. Dang it.
P.S. I love your random posts. They make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

AAaannnd now I don't HAHAHA :) The picture is SO cute!

Jenners said...

I love grab bag posts (you SOOOOO fooled me with your clever switcheroo) and the line "annnd, now I don't" was just too funny.

And finding an M&M in my bra sounds like something that might happen to me.

Thanks for reminding me about the Puppy Bowl.

And I'd run screaming if I saw a REAL bug that looked that one! I wish all bugs looked like the ones in A Bug's Life...they would be easier to take.