Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Randomness

I’m just sitting here staring at an empty screen, trying to figure out what to write. It’s been like that for a week now. I’ll write a couple of sentences, realize how inane what I’ve written sounds, then erase it all. It’s frustrating. I’m hoping this week will be better. I will save my views on Rock of Love until tomorrow, so I’ll have something new to post about. On to Sunday randomness:

~ I bought one of those Smooth Away hair removal kits. I’m about new hair removal inventions like some people are about new diets. I’ve got to try them. It actually does work. Of course you end up with a red splotch in the place you rubbed the hair off, and depending on where it is on your body, it’s kind of painful. But, the hair is gone. Mostly.

~ We got snow this week. It was the first real snow we seen here in Charlotte for about 4 years or so. It was weird, though. Where I live, we got at least 3 inches and maybe as much as 4. As I got close to work the morning it snowed, I noticed the road was dry as bone. When I looked at the neighborhoods near work, there was hardly more than a dusting on the ground. That’s a pretty big difference in snowfall for such a small distance (about 30 miles). I was excited! It was the best kind of snow. Enough to look pretty on the ground, but not enough to cause me any problems getting to work.

~ My niece Alex got Student of the Week at her school! It’s pretty impressive, I think. She’s only in kindergarten, and it was out of her whole school. That’s a lot of kids! She’s so nonchalant about it. She’s like, yeah that happened, now listen to me sing this song from High School Musical.

~ I watched the new Simon Schama mini-series documentary “The American Future: A History” on BBCA this week. It was EXCELLENT. If you get a chance to watch it, do (if you’re interested in that type of thing). There are only 4 1-hour episodes, with commercials. It kind of centers around the election last year (the Future part) and tells stories about the roles of the military, religion, immigration, and natural resources in elections and politics (the History part). I love Simon Schama. He just has this way of talking about history and art that is very understandable and really interesting.

~ I love the Capital One Vikings. That one that gets his hair caught in the vacuum cleaner? And the one who’s cleaning himself with the squeegee at the gas pump? They make me laugh out loud!

~ I hate the vending machine at work! HATE IT! Of course the fact that it didn’t give me my Hersheys Bar could be a sign that I didn’t need to eat it. Also could have been a sign? That the 2 Fiddle Faddle bags got caught in the swirly thing and didn’t drop. Yes, they could have been signs that I didn’t need to eat that sweet stuff, or it could be that the vending machine hates me back.


Diane said...

How did you get snow and we didn't?! I'm not telling Ryan... she'll be P.O'd.

Protege said...

You are just like Diane; your best posts are when you have a writers block, or blog block.;))
I also wrote a post about hair today.;)) And I also hate wending machines, I always get into trouble with them: either they take my money or not give me what I want.;))

Heather said...

I was wondering about that Smooth Away stuff. I always get tempted by those infomercials, but rarely buy anything.
And I'm so jealous that you got snow!! I wish we'd get a little down this way.
And Rock of Love? Oh my. Another good week!