Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slapdash Tuesday

I’ve moved on from random, grab bag, and scatterbrained to slapdash. Wonder what tomorrow will bring? Rambling sounds good, but someone already took that (I’m looking sternly towards Virginia).

  • A girl at work said one of the most flattering things to me I’ve ever heard. It wasn’t about my soulful brown eyes, or my wavy, shining tresses, or my beautiful, magnetic smile, or my glowing complexion. Because, well, that would be weird. Not to mention completely untrue. AND BARF, btw!!!! She also wasn’t talking about my earth-shatteringly good singing voice. Or my talent for rapping. Although wrapping is another story! I’m a whiz-bang at that! What she said to me was that I was falling off on my job today. Confused, I asked her what she was talking about. She told me my job was telling my co-workers funny stories, and since I hadn’t told them any funny stories today then I was useless. I chose to focus on the first part of her statement and not the part where she said I was useless. I wish my job really was telling funny stories! Disclaimer: I’m very thankful for the job I have, please keep me employed!!

  • This might be the cutest website I’ve ever seen! It’s called Cute Things Falling Asleep. Bunches of puppies, kittens, and babies fighting and finally giving in to sleep. The guy that runs the site rates each video from 1-5 based on cuteness and sleepiness.

  • People either really love it or really hate it when you post old pictures of them to Facebook. I think most of them pretend they hate it, but actually secretly like it. I tried to be fair. I picked good pictures and I made sure that there were ones of me that weren’t especially flattering. So, SHHHH! People! Just laugh at the big hair and braces we used to have. My sister Sissy said she got a lot of grief from her Facebook friends for this picture I posted and tagged her in, but I just said, "Rock that purple Member's Only jacket, Sis! Rock it like it's 1984!"

  • I’m cutting out caffeine slowly. I don’t know if I’ll cut it out completely, but I’ve only had about 8 ounces a day for the last week or so. I haven’t had withdrawal headaches. I’ve been sleeping better. And the extra water I’m drinking is already making my dry skin better. Which leads me back to my glowing complexion…


Protege said...

Mel, I have not known you very long, but what first struck me about you was your incredible sense of humor! There is particularly one post that I have to track down and link to from my place; it is the one where you describe your online meeting and the telephone conference that went terribly wrong; I am laughing still.
It was a wonderful post!
Were you ever in any beauty pageants?;))

everydaysies said...

re: that photo - OMG - that looks like "The B Child" with you & Sissy!

Shanna said...

I love it when people tell me I'm funny! Not sure I always believe it, but it makes my day anyway! I have to agree with your co worker YOU are funny ;)

Diane said...

You know the ONLY reason we are friends is because you're sorta funny, right? Well, that and your glowing complexion.

I like 'slapdash'... and don't look sternly at ME, missy... I can't help it if you're slow.

Heather said...

You are funny, Mel! You always make me laugh. So, as far as I'm concerned, you're never useless!!
And I LOVE looking at old pictures of people. Unless, of course, they're of me. When I was in my awkward adolescent, pre-teen phase. Yuck. Those should all be burned.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Eight ounces of caffeine? That's 2,500 cans of Coke. No wonder you can't sleep.

Jenners said...

Cute Things Falling Asleep ... could there be a better reason for the Internet existing? I don't think so!