Monday, December 22, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

In the spirit of Maria from The Sound of Music and Oprah from, well, Oprah, here is a list of my favorite things. Do you know what one of my favorite things is? Lists! Unfortunately, my list isn’t in rhyme with a catchy tune attached, and I don’t have one of everything for each person that reads the list, but please to enjoy anyway.

  1. Hot Cocoa Hershey’s Kisses – if you haven’t tried them, get thee to a store. Melt in your mouth goodness.
  2. Cover Girl Lash Blast – get out of the green and pink mascara rut and try orange. This stuff is excellent. Not too heavy, not too thick. Goes on easy and looks perfect.
  3. Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Mega Butter Super Softening Body Butter – I have skin like the most arid desert on earth. This stuff makes my skin feel like a baby’s bottom. Even my chapped skin was better within hours of using this stuff the first time.
  4. Revlon Cuticle Trimmer – a great little manicure tool for people who have cuticles that grow way too fast. Trims cuticles without cutting.
  5. Puffs Plus – nothing beats these tissues in cold and flu season when your nose is all raw from wiping and blowing it.
  6. Crest Pro-Health toothpaste – I’m the last person on earth that was still using Close Up toothpaste. I liked it because it was very fresh tasting. Nothing else left my mouth feeling as clean. Crest Pro-Health has all the things Crest toothpastes always have, plus a good, lasting fresh taste too. No more Close Up.
  7. Sally Hanson Just Feet line - if you do your own pedicures, these products are excellent. My favorite is the Spa Sugar Scrub.
  8. Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream – again with the skin, but my hands are like the driest spot in the most arid desert on earth. This hand cream works very well for me. I still have to use it once every three hours or so, which is more than the 24 hours that the container suggests, but I would have to use other lotions or creams every hour, so in my book this is really great!
  9. Merle Norman Tinted Moisturizer – I despise foundation. DESPISE IT! I’ve never found any that work for me. I like the idea of a tinted moisturizer because a) there's the dry skin issue again, so extra moisturizer is fine for me and b) it doesn’t add color to my face, just a slight, smooth tint. Merle Norman’s Tinted Moisturizer is expensive, but it lasts a long, long time and it goes on flawlessly.
  10. Tweezerman Slant Tweezers – There are no better tweezers out there. You can get less inexpensive ones, but none – NONE – will do the job like Tweezerman Tweezers, and they sharpen your tweezers for you if you send them back in.

That's it. A few of my favorite things!


Protege said...

Wonderful! A girl has to have her favorite things.;)
Ah, the hand cream sounds lovely; my hands, due to the cold winter and my profession, always get very dry and chapped, comes winter. To bad I can not get hold of almost any of the things you mention, as they are not available here.
I miss Hershey's kisses!
Merry Christmas.;))

Diane said...

How vain are you? Geez... every one of your favorite things, except for the Kisses (which I notice you listed first) have to do with making you LOOK GOOD. Nice list, Miss Prissy Prisspot!

Seriously, though, I might have to try a few of those... namely the Kisses, as I haven't had them. I also might do a list of MY favorite things (which you know will contain very few look-good things... 'cause we know I so rarely look good... sigh). Anyway, good i-dee.

Heather said...

Ooooh, good list. I'll have to hunt down that chocolate and give it a try. My favorite moisturizing product is Amber Romance Body Butter from Victoria's Secret. YUM... smells great and makes your skin feel AMAZING. I had always just used their regular lotions, but Mama gave me some of the body butter this weekend (happy birthday me!!) and I LOVE IT!!! :)
Anyway- I might steal this idea one day. I don't know what things I'd list though...
OH and P.S. I'm glad you liked the David Cook song! He hasn't been getting rave reviews from Rolling Stone magazine... they can kiss my butt though, becuase I still like him!

Mel said...

Z - If Diane visits you, I'll try to send a care package! ;)

D - Butthead! How long have you known me? If it takes me 45 minutes to get ready to go anywhere, that's about 10 minutes too long. But, I do need some maintenance or else I'd fall apart. I was going to add more things, but I thought I'd stick to stuff that other people could actually use.

H - Seriously, try those Hot Cocoa Kisses! They're just like regular ones at first, but there's this soft inside that melts in your mouth and tastes delish!

Anonymous said...

I agree, the Hot Cocoa Kisses are wonderful. (sorry Heather, I finished them all before you came up last weekend)

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