Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things - Redux

Okay - I was accused of being the subject of a Carly Simon song by naming mostly things found in the beauty aisles of the drug store in my previous Favorite Things list. Because preventing a runny, boogy nose, peely skin, and bad breath would surely classify one as VAIN! DIANE!! (Yeah, that's right, I'm calling you out!) Bowing to that pressure, I thought I'd make another list that doesn't contain make-up and lotiony-type things.
  2. Entertainment Weekly - I've been a subscriber since the very beginning. I trust their reviews more than any other publication.
  3. High thread count sheets - ooooh, so soft! They're just loverly!
  4. Romeo and Juliet - no, not the Shakespeare play. I actually kind of don't like that play at all. I'm talking about that song by Taylor Swift. I don't EVEN know! I can't EVEN explain. I just love to sing it. Really loud. It's my jam right now. If you can call a Taylor Swift song a "jam".
  5. Fuzzy booties - yeah, they're completely and totally the opposite of sexy, but they keep my feet warm so I don't even care what they look like. Love me, love my booties.
  6. How I Met Your Mother - It's the Friends of the 2000's, the naughts, or whatever we're calling this decade. I laugh and laugh. It's legen-wait for it-dary! If you don't watch the show, you have no idea what I mean. So watch it.
  7. The little fan on my desk - because I'm always hot, hot, hot.
  8. My car Lola - I don't treat her as well as I should. She's messy inside and out. I go too long between oil changes. I gun her engine. I press those imaginary bomb and missle launchers really, really hard. And she's still good to me despite it all.
  9. Facebook - gah! I lose so much time there. So much time. Time I can't get back. But I can't resist. People I haven't seen since the day I graduated high school send me messages; old boyfriends tell me what books they're reading; and I have 3 freakin' Facebook pets! What the...? Anybody want to friend me? Let me know. (shut up, Diane!)
  10. The new GQ magazine - yeah, I'll let you figure out why (and it's not that Jennifer Aniston is on the front!).


Protege said...

Mel, I love your sense of humor, you just make me laugh and I needed to start my day with laughter, as it is Christmas Eve here and I have tons of preparations before my guests arrive.;))
I share your sentiments about fuzzy booties and I also have a name for my car.;))
Have a truly wonderful Christmas Eve Mel.;))

Andy said...

It's not because of Jennifer Aniston? hmmm. My subscription to GQ just ran out- I wonder if I'll still get the Jennifer Aniston naked edition.

I love HIMYM, too. I bought my sister "The Bro Code" for Christmas.

Andy said...

And Merry Christmas!

Diane said...

Cool list, pal o'mine. I'm going to do one after Xmas.

Oh, and yes, your present for Ryan arrived! Sorry I forgot to tell you!!

We're off to G and MJ's tonight... should be fun (especially since Satan and his minion won't be there). Hope you survive your holiday, too!!!

Jenners said...

Love the list! You know, I tried to just get plain old Hershey Kisses in holiday wrappers and couldn't find any...I'll have to check out the cocoa ones. They should be on clearance tomorrow!

And I love Entertainment Weekly! I've been a long-time subscriber too (a few years off in the middle). Loving their year-end round-up. And I appreciate that they still bother to talk about books!

Merry Christmas! And I have fuzzy booties too ... nothing better for keeping your feet toasty warm!

Heather said...

I LOVE How I Met Your Mother.... the only thing better is The Big Bang Theory. Seriously... that show is so funny!! Anyway, I'm playing catch up on all the blogs I've missed over the past week!!
I hope you had a fan-wait for it- tastic Christmas! :) (Love me some Barney)