Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

I almost didn't put up a Christmas tree this year because it seemed like such a bother to unpack the boxes, put the lights on the tree, and then just a few weeks later take it all down and put it away again. But, I love my ornaments, so I got sentimental about wanting to see them. I can remember where I got each one of them, who gave them to me, or what made me buy them. I've got a balloon ornament that was given to me at an apartment complex I used to work at because every morning I blew up balloons and tied them to our sign to attract new residents. I've got several little ballerina ornaments because I used to be a dancer. I love ornaments shaped like Santa heads. I've got wooden ones, metal ones, glass ones and plastic ones. I've got a couple of black and white cat ornaments that look like my old cat Monster. I've got tons of elephants and several polar bears because they're my two favorite animals. And, I've a lot of other animal ornaments too: birds, rabbits, lions (I'm a Leo), butterflies, and bears.

So, here's my Christmas tree, and some of my favorite ornaments:

My favorite ornament: a little fat glass owl with a wreath around his neck. I got him at Harrods on my trip to England a few years ago. I fell in love with him.

This is how brilliant my goddaughter Ryan is: she was only 4 months old when she addressed this envelope ornament! It always sits front and center on my tree.

I got these gingerbread man and woman ornaments after Christmas one year at a little craft store. I thought they were adorable.


Protege said...

Oh my goodness Mel, I am so happy that you did put up the tree after all, I would not wanted to have missed this post and these pictures for anything in the world. What an incredibly beautiful tree!
You know that this post speaks VOLUMES to the sentimental me and the Christmas child in me just got very, very happy.;))

Diane said...

You know I always love your tree. This year's no different.

Heather said...

Very cute. LOVE the owl.
The gingerbread couple remind me of the Kay Jewlery commercial? Have you seen it? The Mr. gives the Mrs. diamond earrings. What the hell does a gingerbread woman, Christmas tree ornament need with diamond earrings?? Me, on the other hand... could TOTALLY use a pair. Seriously.

Jenners said...

I love Christmas tree stories and the meanings behind ornaments! Thanks for sharing yours!

By the way, I'm having a giveaway over at my blog. The prize is a $20 gift card. Stop by if you are interested!