Sunday, October 12, 2008

If it's October...

I’ve been on vacation for the last week. I had a lot of plans to do stuff around my house, but here it is, the last day before I go back to work, and I’ve accomplished almost none of what I had planned. That’s so often the case, but this time I at least have an excuse. I hurt my Achilles tendon a couple of Mondays ago and have had a difficult time getting around. I didn’t tear it like that Olympic volleyball player that’s on Dancing With the Stars, so I don’t need a cast or surgery thankfully. But I have been limping around for going on two weeks now. It either happened while I was doing something as boring as range of motion exercises for my formally sprained ankle or something as absurd as dancing to hip-hop music on Music Choice. I’m not sure as it didn’t start hurting until Tuesday morning and I had done both of those things on Monday. Three years ago almost to the day I sprained my ankle and tore tendons in my foot on a visit to England. So, I figure if it’s October something must be hurting in my left foot area. So, the touch up paint, the carpet cleaning, and basically anything else I had on my list that required me to be up and about has been put on hold until this stupid tendon gets to feeling better. Aleve, Crocs and Ace bandages are my friends!

I can’t believe I’m saying this (and I’m sure that anyone who knows me half-way well won’t either), but I’m kind of tired of television. There are so few things on that I want to see. I feel like watching some of the shows I used to like is getting to be like a chore. Why so boring, tv? There are so few new shows that even sounded interesting. I’ve yet to decide whether some of the new shows I did decide to try (Life on Mars and 11th Hour, for instance) have any appeal beyond the actors in them. Jason O’Mara is always a hottie tottie, and I’ve always been strangely drawn to Rufus Sewell for some reason. I do like the show Privileged that’s on the CW. It’s just kind of sweet and uncomplicated, but it’s getting terrible ratings, so I don’t know whether they’ll keep it on.

I’ve tried to keep a good balance between entertainment television and informational television, so for every reality tv show I watch, I try to find a show on The History Channel or NGC that will actually teach me something. I find lately that the entertainment side of my television watching is falling behind my informational television watching because there’s so little entertainment. Right now I’m watching a 3-hour documentary about China’s First Emperor, with a 4-hour documentary about Russia on deck. So, even though I’m watching television, at least I’m learning something, no?

I was very happy this weekend because Graham Norton’s new season started last night. His is the very best talk show, even though sometimes I don’t know who his guests are. Last night he had on Eddie Izzard (yea!), Harry Shearer, and Travis (yea!). Harry Shearer seemed annoyed for some reason which was a little annoying to me. Eddie Izzard was great, as he always is on everything. And I always enjoy listening to Travis. Graham played this YouTube video that someone made of one of Eddie’s routines using Legos to act it out. It was so funny! If I knew how to add videos, I would add it here. But as I don’t know how to do that, I will just add a link. When I looked it up on YouTube, it looks like the same person has uploaded other Izzard-Lego routines too, so I may have to put this China’s First Emporer thing on hold in favor of some laughs.

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