Friday, October 10, 2008

My Nieces

This entry is mostly for my family since they don’t get to see or hear from my beautiful nieces much. Although if you like cute things kids say, then you may enjoy this.

Brianna is about 90% personality and 10% little girl. The things she says are definitely repeat-worthy. She had the hiccups one day a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, though, she thought she was burping. So, after every hiccup she would say, “Excuse me.” So polite. When my sister put her to bed that night, Brianna still had the hiccups and ended up calling Cori back into her room. She told her, “Mommy, I keep habben dees noises in my soat!” Translated (just in case): “Mommy, I keep having these noises in my throat!”

She went to a farm with her preschool class later in the week (see the pictures to the right). The farm gets the outdated potato chips from the local Lays distributor and the kids get to feed the chips to the goats. There was a rooster in the pen with the goats which kept crowing. Every time Brianna started to feed chips to the goats, she would get startled by the rooster’s crowing because she thought the noise was coming from the goat she was feeding. Her parents told her that the noise wasn’t coming from the goats, it was coming from the rooster. She wouldn’t believe it was a rooster when they pointed it out and kept telling them it was a chicken. When she got home, she asked Cori why the “goatster” kept making that noise when she tried to feed him.

Alex’s kindergarten class went to the farm today. I can’t wait to hear about it. I wonder if the goatster startled her too?

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