Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Step Away From the Scale!

Almost every day right around 4pm, one of my co-workers or I announce where the Dow closed for the day. We’re all signed up for CNN News Alerts, and every day that there is a huge jump or loss, we get an e-mail telling us where it closed. So, today it closed up. Who knows about tomorrow? Truly it’s not like any of us are rolling in the stocks I don’t think, so aside from the damage it might be doing to our 401K accounts, it’s not affecting us dramatically. Yes, I know that it trickles down. Andy Rooney said last night on 60 Minutes that the cost of eggs and milk have gone up by about 20% or some such, and I guess that can be traced somehow to the stock market. All that stuff is way beyond me, I'm not going to lie. Although based on that 20% increase in egg and milk prices, I guess it's a good thing I'm not baking a bunch of cakes.

I’ve decided it’s kind of like those people that weigh themselves every single day. It’s not making any difference to check this stuff every day because you’ll either get way depressed or just a little bit encouraged. And, as with the weight thing, it’s more probable that you’ll be getting way depressed.

Now I’m going to be pretty petty. What is up with Sarah Palin’s new highlights? They are awful! All streaky and brassy. Seriously, I hope she didn’t leave a big tip for those. On The Daily Show tonight, they had this series of interactions between her and the press where she always seemed to be running away from their questions because she was in such a hurry. Personally I think it’s just because the McCain camp hasn’t had time to alter her robot programming to respond to TrooperGate. You Betcha! Hockey Mom/Joe Six-pack! and Maverick! just aren’t answers to any substantial questions about abuse of power or anything else. Between the booing at the hockey game and the woman at the coffee stand asking her name after taking her order (priceless), maybe the bad highlights in her hair were the best part of her day.

Hockey Mom...zzzrrrr…Maverick…zzzrrr…Hockey Mom...zzzrrrr…Maverick…zzzrrrr
Hockey Mom..zzzrrrr…Hockey Mom..zzzrrrr…You Betcha!...zzzrrrr…
Hockey Mom..zzzrrrr…You Betcha!...zzzrrr…Joe Sixpack…zzzrrrr…Maverick…zzzrrrr
You Betcha!...urrrrrrrrrrr….zzzzzzz

My robot? It’s saying “Danger Will Robinson!”

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Blarney said...

I was just over at Diane's and thought I'd drop in. I hate the scale despite checking out my non-loss daily, I loath the stock market these days - who needs food in retirement anyways and if I miss the closing bell I go striaght into withdrawl. Yup, I'm suffering from crackmarket as well.