Monday, March 16, 2009

There's Your Husband!

Remember when you were a teenager out with your friends and a guy would walk by that, to your teenaged immature sensibilities, was unattractive or wearing some get-up that offended your highly-honed mall fashion sense? Remember how you’d kind of nod your head in the direction of that guy and say to one of your girlfriends, “There’s your boyfriend!”? Well, my bloggy friends,

Mail Order Husbands

Check out the website for all of the fun, but I’ve screencapped some lovelies and a case study for your viewing pleasure in the meantime. Hey - they even have layaway and husbands on sale!


Diane said...

Mel, Mel, Mel... I know it's bad out there, but really? Mail order husbands? Has it come to that? Honey, you should've talked to me before you resorted to joining that site. Really... I could've introduced you to Troll-Guy. Even HE'S better than Buzet and Fuad. And I happen to know he's still single.

PS... yes, it was Rob from #7. I'm sure I told you that story! I must have!

Diane said...

OK, so I did a double-take... Troll-Guy is definitely better than Fuad... but I'm thinking he might be tied with Buzet. It's a little too close to call.

Missy said...

I so have a friend that need the toll free number and web address.

Dan said...

Hey, those are my friends you are making fun of. {*grin*}

Protege said...

LOL, Mel, this made my morning.:D
Well, equality rights are in place: if there are mail order brides, why not grooms as well, right?;))

Anonymous said...

Oh my my my...yes, I do remember those days of making fun of poor unsuspecting boys...good times! But those men? Wow. They're quite the feast for the eyes, no?

Jenners said...

Oh my ... this was too funny! And I'm going to save up all my money to put a down payment on Fuad -- only half price! What a bargain!

Poor Buzet -- he seems a bit accident prone if he needs a wife who can dress a wound.

This was too frickin' funny! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten all about doing that with my friends. LOL

Those guys are horrible! Just horrible!