Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Busy Weekend

We’re entering our busy season at work, so I may not be posting as much or even comment as much as I normally do. I work for a printing company and spring is a very busy time. Lots of long hours. Trust me, it’s not you, it’s me.

It was a crazy busy weekend! First I did a whirl-wind trip to The Big D to go to my niece Alex’s birthday party. I drove up on Saturday morning and back Saturday night. The party was at Skatetown. I swear, it doesn’t look a lot different than when I used to go every Saturday when I was in my tweens. I think it’s possible the air hockey table might actually be the exact same one. (Side note to Diane: I couldn’t help but think about when we would take the girls skating back in the early ‘90’s. I saw a dark haired girl holding hands and skating with a blond girl and it reminded me of Cori and Sam skating together.) We went back to my Granny’s for awhile, then out to eat Mexican, then I left to come back to Charlotte, because…

I was approved to adopt Nick and I went to pick him up today. He has just made himself at home. Right now, he’s sitting on the sofa with me sleeping. I was worried that he’d be standoffish because of his previous homes, but he seems to know that it’s safe here and he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Apparently I wasn’t the only one he worked his charms on. Several people that worked at the store came by to say good-bye to him once they found out that he was leaving today. Charming guy, my Nick.

Here are some pictures of the girls on Saturday and some of Nick today when he discovered how comfortable my bed is.


Sally's World said...

great pictures, i hope you still find some time for you in your busy life....i know, you're probably laughing...whats me time????

take care


Protege said...

Your nieces seem to be growing fast!;)

And Nick is ADORABLE! You did the right thing, he looks so relaxed and comfortable. It is funny, when something is right, it just is. This is with most things in life; there is no effort needed.
I wish you not too much stress at work.;))
And a big hug to Nick from Batcat.;))

Heather said...

Loved the pictures!! I'm so happy you were able to get Nick!! And your nieces are adorable! Glad you had a good weekend!!!!

Diane said...

Brianna looks mighty comfy on those skates! E's birthday is at Skatetown here in a few weeks... I'm puttin' on my wheels (hope I'm half has comfy as B looks).

Nick is a cutie. Hey, make sure he doesn't have any psycho tendencies for our next visit, k? Ryan's still traumatized ;)

Anonymous said...

Your nieces are cuties great pics. Glad you got Nick - sometimes it's just meant to be - he looks comfy on the bed - he'll be a good foot warmer I bet! LOL

A Woman Of No Importance said...

And Nick is actually smiling in that last picture - This is your Soulcatmate, Mel!

Take care, best of luck with life, and see or speak to us when you can! x