Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Randomness

~ Last night I dreamed that I was doing Bree Van de Kamp Hodge’s dinner dishes. I think I was her step-daughter in the dream. But, get this, she insisted I do the dishes in cold water and she used dollar store dish detergent. AND, there were some glasses that I had to wash that had, like, week old milk in the bottom. I was thinking, “Oooh! This is the real Bree Van de Kamp! I’ve got to write a book about this!”

~ How am I still finding Christmas decorations more than a week after I packed everything away? Next year I’m keeping a list of where all in my house I decorated. I blame you Z! ;)

~ Message to the women on VH1’s Tool Academy: RUN! Get away from those men. NOW! And, maybe try some therapy yourself. NO, definitely try some therapy yourself! (And, yeah, I'm kind of ashamed that I watched it)

~ I wish it was someone’s birthday so I could have a piece of that mucho fattening buttercream icing-ed grocery store cake, with a scoop of chocolate ice cream on the side.

~ Do you know when the best time to go to the grocery store is? When there’s a football playoff game going on in your city. Nobody is in the store! (Even though the Panthers lost)

~ Back to the Christmas thing: where do those tree needles hide where after you’ve vacuumed all of a sudden they appear on your steps or in your hallway? They may be alive, I’m not sure.

~ So, this girl at work told me about this music website and I love it! It’s Pandora. You put in an artist or a song, and Pandora makes a whole station for you based on your entry. But the cooler thing is that you can make a lot of stations, so you can basically listen to whatever kind of music you want at any time. Of course I may be way behind on this and everyone already knows about it, and I’m just talking to a bunch of rolling eyes and nodding heads that are saying “yeah, yeah, yeah, I knew about Pandora three years ago, ya dope!”


Shanna said...

Dollar store dish detergent eh? Sounds scary ;)

UGH I wish it was my birhtday too for some cake and ice cream...that sounds gooooooooooood!!

And Pandora. Hm. I'll have to go peek! Thanks for the link ;)

Diane said...

Did the Panther's really lose? Awww, sorry the Panther's lost. The Panther's should play better. You know, so the Panther's don't lose. Hope those Panther's improve.

Mel said...

And, just in case you missed it on your own blog, DIANE.... bitch!

And, I fixed it.

Diane said...

I caught it. So not nice, my friend.

I see you fixed your error, however. That's really all I wanted. It's important to me that you only have quality posts on your blog. You know that. I only do it because I love you.

Maybe you should see about anger management classes... hmmmmm?

Love Always,


Jenners said...

That was so funny about Bree -- but she would NEVER be caught dead using dollar store detergent would she. Is that how you knew it was a dream!? So funny!

And I'm having the same problem with Christmas decorations. Things keep popping up in odd places.

Haven't seen VHI's Tool Academy .. but it seems right up my sad as that is to say.

And I just have to say: GO EAGLES! No one expected you to do anything and now you are in the NFC Championship!!! GO EAGLES! Well, I've given away my general location!

And I've never heard of Pandora so I don't think you are behind the times...but I just "discovered" the iPod last year and blogging in November so I'm not really on the cutting edge.

Fun post!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Thank you, I think. So many things that I had no idea what you were talking about. But I was right in there with the chocolate icecream and tree needles. Yes Sir! Uh...M'am.

Protege said...

Mel, your posts are always so fun to read!;)
Just keep blaming me for everything about Christmas, I can take it.;) And guess what; I will make you do it all over again in December.;))
I agree with you about the tree needles, and they hurt so much when you get those in the foot.;)
I have heard about Pandora, I better check it out.;))

Heather said...

Like the randomness! And I'll have to find that Pandora thing and give it a try. And speaking of things I've never heard of, how hard is it to get a feedgit, or whatever the dang thing is called?? Think you could email me some instructions??