Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Red Carpet

I grew up in a small town in Virginia and I dreamed of having friends from other countries. It fascinated me to think that other kids could be growing up so different from me. I still like the thought of having friends in other countries. I mentioned last week that I held onto Diane’s coattails while she was blogstalking. The very first place she led me was to Protégé’s blog: Life, Work, Pleasure. It also led to another friend, and she’s from another country! Protege is so smart and has the most beautiful pictures on her blog. She writes about the coolest things. One of my favorites was about Skagen, where Ålbæk Bay and Tannis Bay meet, and the waves from each crash into each other. The video is kind of amazing. She’s very thoughtful, in all senses of the word. She was the first person aside from Diane and my family to comment here, which meant a lot to me. Also, she thinks I’m funny, and that’s like pure catnip to me.

Last week after I gave Diane the Proximidade award (for the friendships we've made through blogging), I realized that I should have passed it on to Protégé also for how sweet and supportive she’s been to me. So, since I only gave it to one person and you’re supposed to pass it on to 8 people, I think I’ll just dole the other 7 out as I see fit. It’s my blog and I can do what I like with it. So, I’d like to pass it on to the first friend I made in the bloggy universe, Protégé.

Another thanks goes to Protégé since she gave me the Superior Scribbler Award. THANK YOU! It really means a lot to me.

Okay, now to my task…I’m supposed to pass the Superior Scribbler on to 5 people. Don't forget to add your name to Mr. Linky.

Heather – Here’s to your natural talent! Okay, it might not be musical and you might not be George Jones or Keith Richards, but writing (not to mention book reading, movie watching, and rollercoaster riding) is talent, and you happen to do it well. So there!

Diane – We’ve known each other for almost 19 years, and I’ve read and heard countless things you’ve written, but I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog (even if I did learn about your plug/wipe tendencies!). I’m glad other people are getting the chance to read what you write now and I'm proud that they're loving it!

Protégé – See above for all the reasons why you deserve this award back from me.

Shanna – Any blog that can make me laugh at kids throwing rocks at cars and the wild hairs and joint creaks that come with aging is okay by me. And, that list of funny things your children have said cracks me up. Lola and Miss Rumphius approve of your award-getting.

Candace – I came for the mutual Lochte love, and stayed for the lulz..and your writing. It’s funny and real and I love the stream-of-consciousness feel of it. I also kind of love that even though you live in the north, you spell y'all correctly when there are so many southerners that don't. That and you have great taste in music.

So, that's it! To quote Air Supply, I'm all out of love...


Protege said...

Oh Mel, this is so very touching! I cannot believe you dedicated almost half of this post to me. Thank you so much for this award, it means THE WORLD to me.
You’re my blog buddy as well and I enjoy my visits here tremendously.
Thank you again for those wonderful words.
Right back at you Mel!:)))

Diane said...

Awwwww... thank you, ma'am. I'm much obliged (and I've no idea why I just channelled Pa Ingalls). Anyhoo, you know the love's mutual!!

Now get working on that book meme!

Shanna said...

Aww thanks Mel! And thanks to Lola too! ;)

Heather said...

You are such a sweetie!! Thanks for sharing the blog love with me! ;) I'm so glad I finally found someone who appreciates all of my talents. Haha...
Ooh, and so you know, I'm working on the music thing. I've decided to start taking guitar lessons. You never know until you try! I'll start them in January. (My parents have graciously decided to give me a guitar for Christmas.) I'll probably blog about it soon. You'll be all "I already knew that!"

C-Bone said...

I am so touched! Thank you so so so much for your kind words. I'm so glad you've been enjoying the blogs (I love writing them)and the show! Let me know if you ever have any song requests for the show!

Take care,