Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Award From Someone Other Than Diane

You know what? I never ever, not once, received a trophy for anything. I never participated in any trophy-getting activities. I danced for 14 years, but there weren't competitive dance teams way back when the glaciers melted. We did it for the FUN!! Actually there were competitive dance teams then, but we weren't involved in it for whatever reason. It's probably a good thing because I'm the total opposite of competitive, so I don't know whether I would have enjoyed competing in something I loved so much.

I did once play on a competitive co-ed volleyball team with a boyfriend only because they needed more girls and he begged me and promised me anything I wanted. I am a short girl, and short girls and volleyball don't go so well together. I actually wasn't that bad even for a short girl, but this guy on the team kept yelling at me (shut up dude), we had to wear black shorts and yellow t-shirts (looked like bumblebees), and I could have cared less if we won or lost (just wanted to play). We were beyond the age of getting participation trophies, though.

Cut to now. I started writing this blog at the insistence of my mom and my friend Diane. Diane gave me three awards over the last couple of months. Not to doubt her intentions or good will at all, but I'm pretty sure she gave me the first one as some kind of bribery to write more. The other two I think came directly from her heart.

I wasn't sure where to start with all the blog stalking, so I just held onto her coattails and followed where she led. One of the places she led was to Heather at ...and now I'm a grown-up. As I said in an e-mail to Diane a few days ago, Heather is a sweetheart. Apparently so is her mom. (Don't get me started on how long it took me to realize that the person named Heather's Mom who was leaving comments on Diane's blog was, you know, Heather's mom.) This week Heather gave me an award! THANKS HEATHER!!

It's called the Proximidade Award and is for the friendships we've made through blogging. I am new to blogging and I'm pretty sure most of the people who even read my blog have already received one of these, so I'm just going to choose one person to receive it from me: Diane.

You know what? I know that we've known each other since before there was an internet, as you said, but this is the first award I can give to you that you wouldn't have given me first. Instead of giving it to eight other people, these are eight bloggy reasons why you're a good friend:

1. For the support you've given me throughout this whole process.
2. For telling me you couldn't hear my voice in my first few attempts at bah-logging.
3. For letting me hold onto your coattails during your blog-stalking.
4. For laughing with me and at me.
5. For giving me encouragement in the form of your comments and those crazy awards.
6. For helping me find an outlet for all the random things rattling around in my brain.
7. For giving me the "I'm not weird, I'm gifted" plaque 10 years ago that became the name of this blog.
8. For believing that weird and gifted aren't mutually exclusive.

PS...You don't have to pass it on for the second time this week, just take it for what it is.


Heather said...

You are soooo welcome! :) And I find it very sweet that you and Diane discussed me in an e-mail!! And you just THINK I'm a sweetheart...if you only knew! (Key evil laughter: Muuahhhahaaahaa. ----that's my evil laugh, incase you were wondering.)

Diane said...

Awwwww. That made me cry. Thanks, Pal O'Mine.

And Heather... Mel was lying. Not about talking about you in an email... she did that. But she lied about what she said. Deep down, she is just so mean! Don't worry, though, I stuck up for you We sisters have to stick together! ;)

Shanna said...

Aww that's sweet! :) Aren't old friends the best? (old being years of friendship, not age!)

Andy said...

I love the thought of you bouncing around on the volleyball court like a bumblebee.

Protege said...

I completely understand that you and Diane are good friends. Good friends are hard to come by and you both are genuinely good people.:))

Heinous said...

Congrats on your award. We're lucky Diane is so persuasive. You belong out here in the blogosphere.