Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm a 13 year old apologies

Sorry Jason Wade, you've been removed from my top 5. You've been replaced by another Jason: Jason O'Mara.

I know Jason Wade is weaping over his guitar right now. Write a song about it, Jason baby, write a pretty song.

I'm really starting to like Life on Mars. I just watched the last couple of episodes this weekend and it's a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Jason O'Mara is so cute (is that the wrong thing to say about a man in his mid-30's?). I'm thinking about cheating on my tv boyfriend Matthew Rhys with him. Hmmm... come to think of it, they look a little alike. One's Irish; one's Welsh. One plays a gay lawyer, but isn't one in real life. One plays a time traveling cop, but isn't one in real life. They're both on ABC shows, are good at hiding their original accents, and are enough to turn me into a 13 year-old squeeing girl.

Obviously, I've expended all of my energy on my nanowrimo project, because I really just have nothing.


Protege said...

Mel, did you know that the original "Life on Mars" was an English show? See this:
It was very successful and is still being shown on BBC from time to time.:)

Diane said...

OK, though I don't watch the show (the UK version is much better), I have to admit that I like this guy. I've caught him on various shows over the past few years and when the man smiles... lordy, lordy. But I haven't reverted to 13... maybe 25 or so.

And hey, good job on the writing this weekend! I went to town, too, and was also struggling for a post last night.