Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boring Saturday

First of all, please let me say that I am NOT a violent person despite my Halloween post and my Meme post from a couple of weeks ago. Really, I'm not. I'm actually a very passive and peaceful person. And, those incidents took place many, years ago. Plus, I was defending some friends in the story from the Meme post and I was protecting myself and my sister in the Halloween story. You should have seen me in all my 5'2", 90-pound glory with my arms stretched out across 6 of my friends at one of those Haunted Houses at the beach screaming at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre guy to leave my friends alone while they all cowered behind me. My bravado is sometimes bigger than my common sense, I guess.

I was just thinking that if someone happened upon my blog from wherever and they read something about me kicking my sister's boyfriend while he lay in the fetal position in my driveway...well, that might seem like I'm an awful person, and someone whose blog a person might not want to read.

Along with my friend Diane, I've committed to writing a 50,000 word novel in November on She says it's 1,700 words a day. That's a lot! Thankfully I've had most of an outline written for a while, so I'm going to see what I can make from that. Actually at the last writing retreat I went to, one of the promises I made at the end of class was to work on writing the story from my outline. Maybe this is the push I needed to follow through. The website is really slow and kept timing out on me, so I didn't research much about what's required, but Diane says they don't care how crappy it is, just that it's written. If I can write it in the 30 days in November, then I can edit it afterwards, so that takes a little pressure off. So, 1700 words a day, here I come! For better or worse.

This month Jupiter and Venus will be sharing the sky. Tonight, find the moon, just to the lower right you'll see Venus and the upper left you'll see Jupiter. The news said the best view should be around 6:48.

Well, that's all I know today.


Diane said...

I hope you've spent your boring Saturday writing!!! As you may have read, my ass-kickin' shoes are shined and ready.

Protege said...

Good luck with the writing, I hope you guys will win.:)))

Diane said...

How many words have you written? Hmmmm?

Diane said...

Hey, I like your little Post It counter!! How'd you do that?