Tuesday, November 4, 2008


My cousin posted this The Onion link on Facebook. Check out the date it was written. As it is The Onion, I checked their archives to make sure it wasn't something made up specifically for election day and it appears as if it was legitimately part of their January 17-23, 2001 issue.

Apparently Nostradamus was working for them back in 2001.

Bush: "Our Long National Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity is Finally Over"


everydaysies said...

another one of those instances that my silicon keyboard cover came in handy. Diane - you probably need to get one. Mel, which cousin? Had to be the one in Boston.

Mel said...

Of course it was the one in Boston. The other two - much as I love 'em - probably wouldn't find it nearly as interesting as I did.

Diane said...

Award for you at my place. Come and get it.

I work on a laptop... do they make silicone sleeves that cover the whole thing? :)

everydaysies said...

M: ur right.

D: I do too, but I don't know. Probably. Mine is just for the keyboard. $1 @ ebay.