Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vote for Tom

I’ve got blogger’s block and I don’t know what to write. Blogger’s block sounds kind of gross.

I saw these odd signs on the way to work today all the way up Independence Blvd. It said “Vote for Tom”. The sign was white with red writing. There’s something else written underneath, but going 50 mph (that’s right, only 5 miles over the speed limit, Occifer), all I could read was “Vote for Tom”. I’m thinking they can’t be serious. Do you think there’s only one Tom on the ballot so it will be easy to tell which Tom the signs mean? Maybe it’s a joke. Who knows?

I Googled “Vote for Tom”, I added “signs”, then I added “Charlotte”, but nothing came up. Well, LOTS of things came up, but none that make sense for the sign. So, I’m making up my own Vote for Tom’s:

  • Vote for Tom Wolfe – because he wrote The Right Stuff and I love all things astronauty.
  • Vote for Tom Brokaw – because he was the best-looking of the former big 3 newscasters.
  • Vote for Tom Tom Club – because Genius of Love is a great song.
  • Vote for Tom Hanks – because Run, Forest, Run.
  • Vote for Tom Petty – because he’s freakin’ Tom Petty.
  • Vote for Tom M – because he knows why.
  • Vote for Tom Jones – because “What’s new pussycat?”
  • Vote for Tom Welling – because he’s Superman (on tv anyway).
  • Vote for Tom Perotta – because I like his books and the movies made from them.
  • Vote for Tom (Thor) – because he’s cute and Irish.
  • Vote for Tom (and Jerry) – because who doesn’t like cartoons?
  • Vote for Tom Cruise – because he needs to go back up in that spaceship of his so we can be rid of his special brand of crazy.


Diane said...

HA! I was waiting for the Cruise reference... you saved the best(and by 'best' I mean 'nasty, creepy little man') for last.

Protege said...

Mel, if this is how you write, when you get the "blogger's block" (and I agree, it does sounds kinda gross), then I think you have nothing to worry about.
You have made me laugh out REALLY loud, again.
You should be a stand up comedian. Ever consider that? You have natural sense of humour.:)

Miss Caught Up said...

So many choices! How will i choose! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Diane said...

Zuz... you should be around her in person. I cry more from laughter with her than with any other human on the planet... well, any other anything on the planet, humans included, I guess. She is a funny girl. Weird as hell, dorky as all get out, but ever so funny.

Mel said...

Z - That's my main aim in life, to make people laugh. I was always the smart one and my middle sister was the funny and charming one. I didn't even know I could be funny until a play audition when I was 17, and when the people at the audition laughed at my line reading, it was like I was filled with helium.

Miss Caught Up - Choose Tom M - he's the best on the list. ;)

D - Thanks and, um, thanks? No, seriously, thanks! I think you're pretty funny your own danged self!