Saturday, October 18, 2008

More B

Oh, Brianna! She’s so cute you just want to eat her up with a spoon. It’s a good thing, too, because otherwise she’d be in a world of trouble! I called Cori yesterday afternoon and I could hear B crying in the background. Okay, let’s be honest, she was throwing a fit. I was like, what in the world? But I was laughing at it because I know Cori and I know the girls and I know that it couldn’t be so serious that it would make me worry about why she would be screaming like that. Cori said that B still wouldn’t stop saying “dammit”. She said she’d tried putting hot sauce in her mouth to make her stop and that didn’t work. Okay, I’m not sure why she thought that would work since this is the kid that could eat a plateful of ketchup for dinner. She probably thought hot sauce was dessert. Cori said she did cry because of it, but I’m convinced B cried because Cori made her eat it and she didn’t choose to do it herself. She still kept saying dammit and calling Alex a dammit. So, Cori thought she’d try the old standby of washing her mouth out with soap.

I guess doing that isn’t as simple as it used to be because who uses bar soaps anymore? So Cori squirted a little liquid soap on her fingers and put it in B’s mouth. She told her to stay in the bathroom (just in case she made herself sick either from the soap or the crying jag that followed). I’m still not convinced it bothered B so much that she had soap in her mouth rather than that it was forced upon her and she didn’t choose to do it herself. Because honestly I can totally see her eating soap. Every time I give her a bath I have to tell her not to drink the water, so I don’t think soap is a strange taste to her.

I asked Cori if I could talk to B. First B said she didn’t want to talk to me, but Cori told her I had a secret to tell her and she took the phone. It took a couple of minutes before she would talk to me, but she ended up telling me that Momma had put orange stuff in her mouth. She went back to the bathroom, put the phone up to the soap container, and “showed” me the orange stuff. Then she told me that I had to come to her house and look at it “Right now!” I asked her why Momma put the orange stuff in her mouth and she said, “Because I called Yayex a dammit.”

Yeah, so that worked.


Diane said...

Too funny.

I like your name change... it's so much more appropriate than 'Oracle' ;).

And no, I didn't realize that was your mom. OK, so yeah, she's entitled to call you weird with some authority :)

Protege said...

Kids are so much fun and I love their logic! It seems that you are very close with your nieces, both emotionally and geographically. That is wonderful. I have a niece and a nephew, but they live about 2000km south of me (I think it is 1600miles) and I get to see them perhaps once a year if I lucky.