Friday, October 17, 2008


Diane tagged me for a Meme. Shouldn’t take too much to come up with 7 random/weird things about me. (Shut up, Diane)

1 - I was the best dodgeball player in any school I ever went to. I was always the last one standing and a lot of times gym class would end before anyone could hit me.

2 - I almost got paddled in 7th grade because a teacher caught this boy Randall and me fighting. He was picking on two of my friends pretty badly and I wasn’t going to stand for it. The teacher walked in on me standing in front of Randall's desk, pointing my finger in his face and telling him to back off. We were taken to the Principal’s office and told to choose our paddles from a scarily large selection hanging from a peg board on the wall. I managed not to cry when I pointed to one of the larger models. I had always been told by the other kids in school not to choose the smaller ones or the ones with the holes in them because they hurt a lot more. Luckily, they let me go back to class with just a warning that time since it was my first offense. I did get my hand hit with a ruler (HARD!) in 4th grade because I called the substitute teacher a bad name. I didn’t mean to. What do you expect when you go into a class with a bunch of 9 and 10 year olds and your name is Mrs. Funk? Come on!

3 - I have a birthmark that looks like the United States.

4 - It’s hard to believe for most people that know me, but I’m really incredibly shy. I’m not as bad as I was when I was younger, but meeting new people is still a source of daily stress for me.

5 - I used to keep a notebook where I would write down all the statistics (points, rebounds, assists, fouls) for UNC basketball players as I was watching the games. This was before the internet, so it wasn’t as simple as just going online to find out stuff. The covers all had to be Carolina Blue, naturally, and I would draw little tarheels all over them. Somewhere in a landfill there exist some notebooks with game by game stats for Michael Jordon, Sam Perkins, Brad Daugherty, Steve Hale, Jeff Lebo and Kenny Smith written in a teenaged girl’s hand. You can’t go to heaven in a little red canoe ‘cause God’s favorite color is Carolina Blue.

6 - Unless I’m carrying a lot of stuff, I have a hard time just walking up staircases. I must run or else I end up tripping.

7 - I find ironing relaxing.


Diane said...

I take back my 'You're not weird, you're gifted' plaque. You're just weird... ;)

Protege said...

Mel, I can identify with being shy as well, it goes away with age, but never really disappears.

everydaysies said...

you're a weirdy gurl.

Diane said...

Even perfect strangers think you're weird. And she doesn't even know about the empty paper towel roll. Hee hee... I just snorted.

Mel said...

You know that's my mom, right? So, she might not know about the empty towel roll, but she has 39 years of experience with my weirdness! And me with hers! ;)

everydaysies said...

Sorry to burst the bubble girls, but I DO know about the empty paper towel roll (if, that is, you're talking about the one in the tv interview).