Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Award and A Task

Even though Diane gave me an award (thankies), I have to work for it. I'm supposed to list 6 things I love. Hmmm...
1. I love the kids in my life: My nieces Alex and Brianna (like you can't tell). It seems like life before them was just a blur. My goddaughter, Ryan. The biggest honor of my life because I know what that choice meant to her mom. My nephews, H..., Z..., B..., G... and L... They're my step-brother and -sister's children, but they're special to me and I consider them my nephews regardless.
2. I love my sofa and my bed. THE most comfortable sofa in the whole world. Everyone says so. And, my bed...I don't care how old the mattress and boxsprings are, it is like lying on a cloud in heaven.
3. I love collaging. Taking images from other sources and turning them into something wholly new.
4. I love licking the bowl, sometimes more than I love the dessert made from the batter.
5. I love the colors, smells and sounds of Autumn.
6. I love laughing. Loud. Silly. Obnoxious. Cry-and-pee-inducing.


Diane said...

That IS one comfy sofa, no doubt.

And the pee-inducing laughter? We need to get together soon, as I have been induced to pee (in that way, anyway) recently.

Protege said...

Laughter is the best! Especially the pee-inducing one. Or the one when you just think you won't be able to take another breath, as you are laughing so hard. Have not had one of those for a while.

Mel said...

I was looking to see who was going to be on Soundstage and they were replaying the Lifehouse show. All I could think was "He sounds like somebody." 30 seconds later: "He sounds like himself." Laughter ensued.