Monday, September 29, 2008


Yeah, I’m off to a bounding start with this blog! Three posts in 2 weeks. I’m on FIRE!

I’ve been unmotivated, unwilling, uninterested and uninteresting. I’d like to say I’ve been too busy, but honestly, I’ve just been lazy.

So, here are some random thoughts just so I have something written that’s newer than 2 weeks old:

- I see the weirdest stuff on the way to work. This morning I saw some woman’s weave in the middle of the road. Imagine the argument that took place either before or after it ended up there! One morning I saw all the cars in front of me swerving to miss a bunch of women’s shoes in the middle of the interstate. Another morning I saw a man who looked to be about 80 years-old riding a bicycle up the road. He was wearing a red Speedo, and the bike had a little flowery basket connected to the handlebars. I turned around and passed by him again because I thought I’d never see something like that again. I would have taken a picture if I’d had a camera with me. Still another day, I saw a police car slowing down in front of an office building. The office building had a grassy slope out front where a man wearing only boxer shorts was lying face down. I thought it was really funny until I thought, “Oh no! What if the guy was dead?!” I checked the noon news, though, and there was no word of a dead half-naked man, so he was either just getting a suntan or he was passed out from a very interesting night.

- I watched some movies this weekend that have been taking up space on my DVR. One of them was “The Zodiac”. I kept expecting Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo to show up. The guy that plays Dr. Karev on “Grey’s Anatomy” played a detective. The detective had a little boy, so for more than half of the movie I expected the little boy to grow up to be Jake Gyllenhaal or Mark Ruffalo and that he would then continue his father’s work to find the Zodiac killer. When the movie was at 1 hour and 40 minutes and neither of them had even appeared yet, I went to to find out what the deal was. It turns out that it was a totally different movie! I had wanted to see “Zodiac”, and ended up watching “The Zodiac.” Stupid “The”.

- My favorite news story of the day is about a homecoming parade float in Pennsylvania. The float had a 4th of July theme, so the kids riding on the float were carrying and waving around sparklers. The float’s decorations were made of tissue paper. Yep, the thing caught on fire. The principal of the school said “This was a bit more excitement than we had planned.” And that sparklers would not be used in next year’s parade.

- I think I might rather poke out my eyes than see “Nights in Rodanthe”. But, that’s just me.

- Have you heard that new New Kids on the Block song? The video is on VH1 sometimes when I’m getting ready for work. Why is it that they have 5 singers in their group (NOT A BAND!!!), but they had to get that guy Ne-Yo to sing most of the song? The song is really, really bad. They should have stayed retired. I do like that new song by Pink, though.

And, I think I’m done. For now. Expect another post in about 2-3 weeks!


Diane said...

It's about time! And I want to see Nights in Rodanthe (even though I don't like either of them)... probably because I keep hoping something like that will happen to me. I suppose I should buy an inn by the sea.

Try to post more than once a year, will ya?

Cori Gammon said...

I love hearing about the adventures of your morning commutes!

everydaysies said...

Hello Dear, this is your old and less techo-savvy momma who wants to let you know that there is a little button on your cable remote that says "info". The button may be green or blue or gray or it could be just an "i" on it ... sorry, I'm old so I ramble, right? So anyway, if you see a show listed on your guide that you want to record (like maybe "Gus" Grissom in Apollo 13), you can push that button and it brings up this magic screen on your tv screen and tells you the names of the actors who are in the show.

I know you may need some practice since you don't record a lot of stuff, but give it a try. If you need some help just give old momma a call.