Monday, January 5, 2009

Too Cool by Yaya and Bebe

One more from the Concerts in Their Living Room series. My nieces Yaya and Bebe performing "Too Cool" from Camp Rock. Yaya has memorized all the choreography from the movie, but she keeps getting distracted by her own reflection in the tv. Bebe has obviously gotten a little tired since her main dance move of circling around and around Yaya has relaxed from the running she was doing in "This Is Me" to the walking she's doing in this.


Diane said...

I've got to get my video watcher thingy fixed.

Protege said...

They so remind me of my niece, this was so much fun too watch!;)
Yes, Diane please get your thingy fixed, you are missing out.;))

Jenners said...

Too funny! And I love your comments about it! : )

What a great aunt you are!