Friday, December 12, 2008

My Favorite Sound

Do you know what one of the best sounds in the world is, at least to me? When my sister asks my nieces, “Does anyone want to talk to Aunt Melanie?” And, two little girls scream “Yes!” and I can hear them stampeding towards the phone.
My 3 year-old niece Brianna is truly one of the funniest kids I’ve ever met. And, I’ve met some funny kids. Yesterday on the phone, she said she was going to tell me a story. So, I sat back waiting for a doozy, as usual. She told me to hold on because she had to go get something. She put the phone down, then leaned down to talk into it again and said, “Don’t move!” So, I stayed still. This is how it went after she got back to the phone:

B – Now I’m going to tell you a story. I have the credit card and you have to say what the people want.

I found this especially interesting, since I’m pretty sure that her parents don’t use credit cards. But, I played along.

Me - Brianna wants a doll. Aunt Mel wants a new pair of red shoes. Mommy wants a ...

B - No, no! That’s not what they want!!

Me – Well, what do they want?

B – (giggle) They want food!!

Me – Okay, Brianna wants a hot dog. Aunt Mel wants chocolate cake.

B – (giggle) Noooooo! You want a hot dog!!

Me – All right. Aunt Mel wants a hot dog. Brianna wants broccoli.

B – (more giggling) No! You have to say it like this: Brianna, what do you want? Then you have to say: Brianna wants the buffet. Then you say: Yayex, what do you want? Yayex wants the buffet. Aunt Carol, what do you want? Aunt Carol wants the buffet. Taylor, what do you want? Taylor wants the buffet.

Sooo, I guess she must have gone out to dinner with her father’s family, where dinner was paid for with a credit card and everyone ate at the buffet? Little pitchers and their big ears. I mean, seriously, a credit card? She's 3! When I asked her what a buffet was, she told me it was when you have cake and sing. Things must be so confusing to little kids sometimes. Buffets/Birthdays. Credit cards. It's a lot of information for them to make sense of.

Then she sang Jesus Loves Me to me 5 times and "read" me a book which apparently contains the line "I cried because I was so beautiful!"

(Actually, it really did. Kind of, anyway. It's a book called Pinkalicious and the heroine eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink herself. When she sees herself in the mirror, she thinks she's so beautiful as a pink little girl, that it makes her cry from happiness.)


Heather said...

That is the cutest story I've heard in a loooong time. I love the darling little things kids say. I hate that we lose some of that absolute randomness as we get older. :)

Shanna said...

LOL that was completely confusing and totally cute!! ;)

Jenners said...

That was sooooooo cute and funny! I totally felt like I was there! What a great aunt you are for listening to husband can barely sit still for one of our son's incredibly long go nowhere stories! Great post!

Hilary said...

Brianna is a bright little cupcake. Hard to believe she'll only be four on her next buffet. ;)

Shanna said...

Aww you added a pic - she's CUTE :)

Protege said...

Mel, you are so lucky to have this connection with your nieces.
It is so difficult for me a times, as my sisters kids only speak French and I do not. Although it is very cute listening to them on the phone, my sister has to always translate everything to me.
The picture of your niece is very cute.;))

Melissa B. said...

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Diane said...

She gets that from you.