Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NASCAR, Radio Woes, and Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

When I moved from Richmond, Virginia to Charlotte almost 7 years ago, everyone in Richmond had two things to say to me. The first was they were surprised that I was choosing to move all by myself to a city so much bigger than Richmond. I hadn’t realized how big Charlotte had gotten. I had grown up thinking that Charlotte was nothing but Carowinds, NASCAR and PTL Ministries (UGH!), and not really all that big. Little did I know that it was about 4 times as big as Richmond and still growing. The second thing everyone said to me was, “You better pick a driver.”

I was never into NASCAR myself, but some members of my family were. My grandfather rooted for Bill Elliot. He had a walking stick made once that had a raised ridge that ran in a spiral all the way from the top of the stick to the bottom. Carved into the spiral were the names of our family starting with him and my grandmother, going through all four of their sons and wives, and their children. The last name on the stick was Bill Elliot. Like he was a member of the family.

I like living in Charlotte for the most part, even if I never picked a driver. It’s big, but it’s not so big that you can’t get around pretty easily. Like with most big towns, you mostly stay in the sections you work and/or live in anyway, so it doesn’t seem all that large. It’s not my favorite place I’ve lived, but it’s not the worst either.

One thing I don’t like about Charlotte is that it has crappy radio stations. To be a city this size and not have more than a couple of decent radio stations is kind of crazy. I have 6 programmed into my car stereo (as you do), but I swear I’m lucky if any one at a time is playing a good song! And, one of the stations is actually out of Winston-Salem, not even Charlotte.

I guess the middle of November is some kind of benchmark because now two of those 6 stations I have programmed are playing round-the-clock Christmas music. Really?? Seriously??

I am not a Scrooge. I have about 15 Christmas cds (possibly even more). Everything from Time-Life Christmas Collection, to A Very Special Christmas (the first three), to a couple of (very traditional) Ray Conniff Christmas cds. The gamut? She is run! I’m not lacking for Christmas cheer in the form of melody. But, if I have to hear ONLY Christmas music on two of the very few radio stations worth listening to in this city where I live? Well, Bah Humbug!


Diane said...

I am a Scrooge, so you know how much I love the radio stations from November to January. I play nothing but CDs.

I remember having such trouble getting around Charlotte when I first moved there. When Ryan was a baby and wouldn't nap, I'd put her in the car and just drive. I'd get lost and she'd sleep. All those stupid streets that start off with one name and end up with another (or 8 others). Geez.

Protege said...

Mel, unfortunately I never made to Charlotte while living in North Carolina. I had no idea it was larger than Richmond. I had a few friends that moved there after finishing their studies at Duke, but I never managed to visit.
I know what you mean about radio stations, it is the same for me.
But I have to admit I love Christmas songs, as I adore Christmas.;))

Heather said...

I feel your pain. Try living in a town of 8,000 - the closest "metro" area an hour and a half away. We pick up NOTHING. Thank God for my iPod.

Shanna said...

I TOTALLY feel your pain! Where I live there are two choices for stations (besides the Spanish stations) - country or hiphoprapdance crap. I'll all for the occasional Gwen/Justin/Fergie blah blah blah but damn, can't we get a little Cold Play or what? "Adult Alternative". I hate that title ... but there isn't anything like that here ... so I've been reduced to country. LOL At least they don't teach my children things they wouldn't otherwise learn till after their married :P

LOL You're right, Diane did freak me out a little!! It's ok though, I forgive her.

And as for the Tokyo girls...I actually rewinded (is that event the correct term anymore?) that part and thought...hm...what? Are they maids? I didn't get it. But now it's been explained! Backup singers! LOL Thanks for clearing that up ;)