Sunday, September 7, 2008

What Makes for a Good Day

My 3 year-old niece Brianna started pre-school this week. On her first day there were a couple of behavioral issues. Nothing huge; she's just got a mind of her own, that one. When my sister picked her up from school on her second day, she asked Brianna how her day was. My niece answered, "Good! I didn't kick any other chilrun today!"

I've decided that's my new benchmark for a good day. If I go to bed at night and I can say that I didn't kick anyone, then I'm chalking it up as having been a good day!

For some reason it reminds me of this commercial that I hear on the live streaming of a radio station I listen to. I guess there are some kind of rules or laws against playing local commercials on live streams, so they play these generic commercials that you wouldn't hear if you were listening to the station through your radio. There's this one commercial for something to do with mental health. I wish I could tell you what it is for exactly. It could be for some kind of medicine or it could be about mental health awareness in general. I don't know because I can't ever get past the first part of it to listen to what it's really about. This is how it starts:

Two girls are shopping and one of them says, "I was diagnosed with bipolar disease the other day." In this ridiculously chipper voice, the other one says, "You just need a new pair of earrings!"

I get so obsessed with those two lines. Really? New earrings can mend bipolarism? That's incredible!

So now every time someone comes to me and tells me something awful or sad, the callous part of me wants to say to them, "You just need a new pair of earrings!" Fortunately, the empathetic (and more sane) part of me wins out in almost all circumstances.

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Diane said...

Please read Issue 462 from March of last year, page 32, of The American Journal Psychiatric Medicine... it very clearly states, "New earrings will, in 92% of all cases, cure bi-polar disorder. However, it must be made clear that the earring posts must be constructed of hypo-allergenic metal."

Guess you were wrong. Oh well. Just like you were wrong to wait 5 years to START THIS BLOG! It's about damned time, woman!

Go ahead, kick me. Wait... I know kicking people makes it a bad day for you... will it be a bad day for me? Just don't wear those shoes you fell off the curb in... then I should be OK... heeheehee